About Aeroplane Manufactory

Aeroplane Manufactory ("AM") is the trade name for the Early Aeroplane Manufactory LLC, a Texas limited liability company founded in 2003 and is based at Gloster Aerodrome (1XA7), near Houston, Texas. AM is owned and operated by John A. Couch and Kim S. Evans-Couch who also own and operate Gloster Aerodrome, LP. In the fall of 2013, AM purchased all of the assets of Aircraft Sales and Parts Ltd. based in Vernon, British Columbia and its affiliate, Canadian Ultralight Manufacturing Ltd. based in St. Paul, Alberta, together ("ASAP"). ASAP produced the Beaver and Chinook lines of light aircraft kits in Canada for over 25 years until its owners decided to retire from the business and liquidate the companies. Over three thousand of the aircraft were produced in Canada since inception.

AM received the consolidated shipments of parts, materials, equipment, tooling, jigs, inventory, machines and intellectual property and records from both locations in Canada in November 2013. These shipments constituted five eighteen wheeler truckloads of assets. AM had to repurpose a large hangar at Gloster Aerodrome in order to begin unpacking and place into service all of the assets received from ASAP. The repurposing of the hangar took months to accomplish. Unpacking, counting and computerizing existing inventory took months longer and placing into service all of the machinery, even more months. In early November 2014, once the facility was completed and all of the machinery was operating, Glenn and Kurt Holomis from St. Paul came to Gloster Aerodrome to train the Couches on fabrication and assembly techniques.

As with all small businesses with learning curves, the Couches worked diligently to be able to provide the market with quality products at reasonable prices and build on the great record of the Holomis'. We have appreciated so very much all of the encouragement and support of those of you who have contacted us and are interested in, or own and operate Chinook aircraft. Since then, we have been proud and pleased to be able to continue to produce Chinook Plus 2 parts, and are so excited to produce full kits for the Chinook DR and the Chinook SJ models! We look forward to hearing from you!

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